• What is a chair?

    Before the Tang Dynasty, the word “chair” has another interpretation, as the “car side” to speak, that is, the car fence. Its role is to rely on when people ride in the car. Later, the chair, the form of the four-legged support platform is installed on the fence, the syste...
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  • Take you to understand the basic composition of office chairs.

    Take you to understand the basic composition of office chairs.

    Office chair, English office chair, the narrow definition refers to the back chair that people sit on when they work on the desktop in the sitting position, and the broad definition is all office chairs, including executive chairs, middle-level chairs, guest chairs, Staff chairs, conference chair...
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  • Hot-sale chairs all over the world .

      EASY TO PUT TOGETHER Office chair comes with all hardware & necessary tools. Follow the desk chair instruction, you’ll found easy to set up, and computer chair estimated assembly time in about 15mins. EXTRA COMFORT Desk chair using high-density sponge cushion, more flexible, off...
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  • How to Clean Your Office Chair

    Just like other furniture that will get regular, heavy use, your workplace chair can easily become a hotbed of germs and allergens. Yet with common household cleaning supplies, you can keep your seat their best. Workplace chairs—especially highly adjustable chairs—tend to get corners and crannies...
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  • HEALTH NOTES: Young’s work-at-home pain as they lack tables and supportive chairs leading to back problems

    Lower back pain is no longer available to the middle-aged –it seems two-thirds of under-30s experience too, and experts are blaming the work-from-home culture. After one, 000 18- to 29-year-olds took part in a poll, Doctor Gill Jenkins, GP and adviser to campaign team Mind {Your Back|The back, wh...
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  • Choose a Gaming Chair

    Whether you prefer an Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Wii, your chair will affect the gaming experience and make a difference in the gaming frequency and how well you excel. Even if you spend a lot of time building up your character, an uncomfortable chair will make you lose a big battle. A bad chair c...
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