Model 2019 Use ergonomic office chair bring you back to vigour

Short Description:

1-Seat lift
2-Instantaneous drift
3-The white-rimmed wheels
5-Connect high quality hardware

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Seat lift: Lifting lever Instant lifting, Proper damping settings, Comfortable lift and fall feeling.
Instantaneous drift, If you want to move, you can strike instantly. Players can quickly move by roll casters.
The white-rimmed wheels are made of PU which is durable and safe for use on hardwood floors.
Versatile: the chair combines fashion and function, perfect for small offices, the home office, living room and even the bedroom use
Simple and stylish, light and natural,Selected high quality steel for durability.
The seat and backrest are connected in one piece, with strong bearing capacity, firm and stable, and long service life.
Connect high quality hardware for consistent durability.

Products Detail

Item Material Test Warranty
Frame Material PP Material Frame+Mesh More Than 100KGS Load On The Back Test, Normal Operation 1 years warranty
Seat Material Mesh+Foam(30 Density)+Plywood No Deforming , 6000 Hours Use , Normal Operation 1 years warranty
Arms PP Material And Moving Arms More Than 50KGS Load On The Arm Test, Normal Operation 1 years warranty
Mechanism Metal Material, Lifting And Tilting Function More Than 120KGS Load On The Mechanism, Normal Operation 1 years warranty
Gas Lift 100MM (SGS) Test Pass>120,00 Cycles,Normal Opertation. 1 years warranty
Base 320MM Chrome Metal Material 300KGS Static Pressure Test, Normal Operation. 1 years warranty
Caster PU Test Pass >10000Cycles Under 120KGS Load On The Seat, Normal Operation. 1 years warranty

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