What is a chair?

Before the Tang Dynasty, the word “chair” has another interpretation, as the “car side” to speak, that is, the car fence. Its role is to rely on when people ride in the car. Later, the chair, the form of the four-legged support platform is installed on the fence, the system when it was inspired by the car fence, and follow its name and called this seating equipment for the “chair”. From the extant data, the Tang Dynasty already had a rather elaborate chair.

Five Dynasties to the Song Dynasty, the unprecedented popularity of the high type of sitting furniture, the form of chairs also up, back chairs, armchairs, chairs, etc.. At the same time, according to the different levels of respect, the shape, material and function of the chair also differed.

The furniture from the Five Dynasties to the Song Dynasty largely retains the legacy of the Tang Dynasty, but the high type of furniture is more popular than before.

Post time: Oct-10-2022